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Fran Guidry

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I've been visiting the Epiphone section to post some of my videos, but never realized there was a location more aimed at sharing performance material. Here's a video I shot to pay tribute to the home where we're staying in Hawai`i, located on the Ka`elepulu Stream in Kailua, O`ahu. I played a song called "Wai O Ke Aniani" or "Sparkling Waters" using my Masterbilt EF-500RCCE.




I had the guitar tuned to a Bflat tuning. Open G tuning (D G D G B D), called taropatch tuning in slack key circles, can be easily modified to a tuning we call "drop C" by lowering the 6th string from D to C. This is no longer an open tuning, but it's fun to play and there are many classic slack key pieces done in this tuning. My guitar is tuned one whole step lower than drop C, thus a "drop Bflat" tuning (Bflat F C F A C). Because of the stiff trade winds I plugged my newly installed LR Baggs Lyric pickup straight into the Zoom H6, then synced audio and video in post.



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