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Is this any good....


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I posted this in the Gibson forum...Sorry. I think this is the right place now.



I have been sorting through my Grandpa's stuff, and came across this. It says it's a Epiphone Gibson Model PR 350E

serial number 9852019. I was going to send it to the jumble, but a friend said to check to see if it's worth anything before I did that. This seems to be the place to ask I hope you don't mind.


post-64903-002768900 1398211891_thumb.jpg

post-64903-002768900 1398211891_thumb.jpg

post-64903-026433500 1398211951_thumb.jpg


I know nothing about Guitars.My Gramps used to play ages ago.

I hope you can help me.




post-64903-008801600 1398211932_thumb.jpg

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I bought a used PR350 about a year ago. It's a nice playing and nice sounding guitar. If I had a guitar that belonged to my grandfather I's hang onto it. If that's not your cup of tea, you shoudn't have any problem selling it on Craigslist.

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You ain't gonna have a piece of jewelry that will do and be what that guitar is.


I have my grandpa's trombone - and a pix of him around 1900 with it in his band uniform. I don't play trombone.


My bro. has my great grandfather's fife played in the U.S. Civil War. Doubt I could make a noise with it if my life depended on it.


They're "art pieces" for display.


Most of us never will have a Renoir or Picasso, but nobody else will have your grandfather's guitar. In that sense, it's unique.


I have some interesting original art, both 2d and 3d pieces.


Some done by "known" artists, some of whom have been acquaintances if not friends. But those old musical instruments bring the most remarks and frankly, the most envy from guests.


--- Oh - and I wonder if your grandfather didn't hope the guitar would get some use of some sort from a descendant. I have no grandchildren regardless that I'm old enough. No children for that matter.


I've told my wife I'd prefer my guitars be smashed and burned on my demise. I have strong feelings on that since my guitars have been played and sung by a free man in a free environment - and I'd not have them soiled by the death of both the free man and the free environment and country I've enjoyed and that's dying in spirit far more rapidly than I seem to be.


She sez she ain't gonna do it and will give them to the local school for music programs and I can't stop her unless I come back from the grave. That ain't likely. So we'll see.


But if I had a grandchild who wanted a bit of "me," there could be no better endowment than one of my guitars to remember me, a once-young man grown old through a bygone age.



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For what it's worth, us old guys may be overly sentimental.


That said, to me, there may be no more personal possession that a person owns than a guitar. Maybe a pocket knife or pocket watch. You know your grandfather spent alot of time holding the guitar in his own two hands. He used it to express the music he felt in his heart and soul.


If you were to sell it, my only concern is that some day you may wish you held onto it. You can always sell the guitar at a future date, but once you sell it, it's impossible to replace that one guitar your grandfather played.

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"Any good" can mean many things as it is a "relative term". Compared to a 4000 dollar Gibson or Martin guitar, it's probably not "any good". Compared to a 50 dollar Chinese export, it's probably pretty good. If your looking to sell it for a wide profit margin, over and above it's original cost, it's probably not very good. If you use your grampa's Epiphone guitar and learn how to play it, get it set up properly and put some new strings on it, and then keep it as a remembrance of him, it's probably very good. msp_rolleyes.gifdry.gif

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