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Yeah, Man! The weather is CRAZY, right now. We're having monster "straight winds," and

it's supposed to be in the lower 30's, tonight, and for the next 3 nights! That's NUTS,

for this time of year, here. Usually, in the 80's (Highs), and mid 50's, at night, at

this time of year. So...??? The wild extremes are what fuel the Tornados, too.


Keep your heads down, Y'all! [scared][crying]



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Tragic. One of my band mates took this photo of the tornado outside Searcy, Arkansas, Sunday evening:




They figure it was an F4 or F5. 2 towns were essentially obliterated.


I remember growing up spending a few nights crouched in the bathtub with a mattress over my head. Scary as hell.



Best wishes to the Southern members of this forum. Try to stay out of harms way.

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