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Any 12 string guitar enthusiasts out there???


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This is a game I do love to play.


My 1963 Gibson B45-12. Oddball guitar with a seven ply top binding, five ply back binding and label inside (which in the early 1960s you only saw on the classical guitars). Makes me wonder at times if the guitar was built with a re-purposed C & W or Hummingbird body. Then again, could have just been a dull edge router or it caught the grain just wrong. It is amazing any of these pre-1965 12 string Gibsons survived. They were built so lightly they tended to pull themselves apart. But what was not the best thing for longevity was the best thing for sound.



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Love 12 strings, had quite a few over the years. Don't have pics of them all, but here's a few -


My first, a '72 Epi FT-165. Sold it off after 10 years.




Takamine about '79 EF-385 'law suit', very nice. Used it for 25 years, gave it to my son.




Guild '07 F412. Killer. Current.




RainSong '11 JM-3000. No worries with carbon fiber. Current.




Rickenbacker '10 360/12. Tons of fun, but the nut width takes some getting used to. Current.


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Guys that Yairi is stunning


There one on EBay UK at moment for £850 but it's too far away from me and I won't buy a 12 string blind


So at the moment I have a Turner 12 and confidently await the arrival of either a J200 12 or more likely a Guild 512


Finding either over here is marginally harder than discovering a Dodo playing chess against the captain of the Marie Celeste


Keep on looking

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Here is my no name 70's 12 string. It is not a Gibson, manufacturer unknown. Had no name on headstock or any other identifying marks , when I got it. Plays great stays in tune. This along with my '94 hummingbird have been my stage arsenal for years. Has a K and K pure western pickup in it.



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