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Who is your favorite guitar player?

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Oh yeah!! Donald Roeser is in my top 5 favorite guitar players for sure. I saw BOC in about 1983 and they put on a terrific show. Buck was awesome!

Me. I ain't dead yet, and I kinda like being here and me.


Am I the best player in my favorite kind of music?


Nope. But I'm the best player in my favorite kind of music that's inside my skin.



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I just saw somewhere (Guitar Afficianado or Guitar Techniques maybe?) where they asked Ann Wilson of Heart to name the best guitar player ever.


Her answer was something to the effect of "Impossible. There are too many great guitar players out there to name just one" (I'm obviosly paraphrasing, but you get the drift.)


These "best of" lists, be they guitar players, movies, race car drivers, et al are nothing more than opinions, but that's just my opinion [flapper]

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Although it was John and George who first inspired me to become a musician,it was Jimi Hendrix who really inspired me to ramp up my playing,to the point that some days I would spend 10 hours and more playing guitar.I tried to pick apart every song that Jimi played and have played Hendrix covers for about 45 years now.Of course it would be practically for anyone to play with Jimi's speed and finesse so I just content myself with trying to keep the spirit of the songs and do a passable facsimile of his easier passages.


I also love the playing of Andres Segovia,Pepe Romero,Elliot Fisk and Julian Bream- of course there are many more that I have missed.I am not t all fond of jazz,but the playing of Lenny Breau just blows me away.When I first heard his playing I was sure that there were at times 2 other guitarists accompanying him,because the songs were that complicated,it wasn't until I had seen videos of his playing these same songs that I could see for myself that he had played all these songs by himself with no overdubs.Sadly he was like a lot of brilliant musicians and had relied on dangerous drugs to keep him going and he passed away from a massive overdose of almost pure heroin that had made it to the street level without being cut several times like most heroin that was hitting the streets at the time.

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