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Who is your favorite guitar player?

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Oh yeah!! Donald Roeser is in my top 5 favorite guitar players for sure. I saw BOC in about 1983 and they put on a terrific show. Buck was awesome!

Me. I ain't dead yet, and I kinda like being here and me.


Am I the best player in my favorite kind of music?


Nope. But I'm the best player in my favorite kind of music that's inside my skin.



Fist Bump

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WHAT! No Joe Satriani ?


I had a good look through and all of the players mentioned are wonderful players (there was I couple I haven't heard of too -I got some youtubing to do), but I was rather surprised that Satch hasn't popped up yet.


Some people think of him as just another shredder, but he has so many other strings to his bow, he can combine a sublime ability with a complete technical understanding of the fretboard with feeling and style to create whatever he wants.


if you can be bothered watching, here is one of my fav tracks.





I also love Bonamassa and Koss

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I'll start with one that hasn't been mentioned yet:


Edward Van Halen!!! Especially for his DLR-era playing style and sound.


I've got to say, if I open a can of "Favorite Guitar Player", they all pop out like rainbow colored confetti:


Jimi Hendrix

Steve Howe

John, Paul and George

Eric Clapton

Jeff Waters

Tommy Emmanuel

Dave Mustaine

Satchel from Steel Panther (I love those guys)


They are too many to not forget one, so I will simply forget a lot. :)

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This is in no way a final list, and this is in no particular order,

Django Reinhardt

Chet Atkins

Alvino Rey

James Burton



Steven Stills, neil Giraldo, Bonnamassa, john Mayer,Jimmy Page,Segovia, John Williams,Rick Nielson, alex Lifeson,

Joe Perry,howlin wolf, JACK WHITE, Eliot Easton, George Harrison, Keif and Ronnie of the Stones, DAVID LINLEY

Robert Cray, SRV, Dave Davies..Ann wilson, Tal Winfeld, known for her bass, but a great guitarist too...oh, Jeff Beck


.ah, so many great, innovative ,musicians out there making our lives happier and inspiring us to play better.

Can't beat that with a bat!

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Not aimed at anyone but no mention of Peter Green ?

His playing is amazing. He could blow you away with just a few notes. Listen to Need your love so bad. Stunning !

Oh God yeah!

Left him off my list...pure iconoclastic genius, troubled soul.

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