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I'm pretty new to Gibson.com so I'm reading all the forums. I don't know much about today's production Kramer guitars but in 2008 I got to meet and spend some time talking to Gary Kramer at the NAMM show in Anaheim. I expected a vintage '80s conversation but was surprised at Gary's forward looking perspective on the electric guitar. While he still stands by his old creations, (no matter who's producing / selling them), his own focus is very much today and tomorrow.

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Pictures, or it didn't happen [flapper] I think I wouldn't even take them as an assault [lol]


But seriously, I LOVE Floyd Rose systems. There are six of 'em in my arsenal. Removing FRs could INDEED be considered an assault... [rolleyes]


A Flock Of Seagulls guitarist Paul Reynolds played Kramers with aluminum neck, and for a while I dreamt of them. (Or should I have said, quoting from their "Space Age Love Song" lyrics: 'For a little while / I was falling in love' ;) ) Their forked headstocks looked really extraordinary. He also played fairly often Gibson Firebirds.

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