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Is this just some clever marketing... they sure have some pretty and unusual models.


Check this page..



Also check out these 336's



What is a Gibson Custom Benchmark dealer, you ask? There is now a very small and exclusive group of authorized Gibson Custom dealers that happen to be experts in the field of Gibson Custom and vintage guitars. Collectively, we represent over 150 years of combined experience in the vintage and rare Gibson guitar market. We collaborate with the Gibson Custom crafts people to produce distinct and rare limited edition guitars like you see here. Wildwood Guitars is one of these rare dealers. Gibson Custom recognizes the Benchmark dealers as a unique and valuable resource by inviting us into the design process, where Gibson relies on our hands-on experience to help them create exceptional guitars based on our many years of holding and playing some of the most rare and desirable Gibsons in their long history as a company.


As a Benchmark dealer, we have direct access to the Gibson Custom factory and builders, and we hand select materials and instruments to insure the highest standards of quality. As a result, we offer a complete Gibson fan experience through a wide selection of Gibson Custom product, unsurpassed expertise and service that extends above and beyond the ordinary. These instruments are part of very limited runs that are not available outside the Benchmark circle. Come and feast!


And some examples


Reverse Burst






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Man that '59 triple humbucker burst reissue just sings!!!


If I had the $$ I'd buy it in a heartbeat and I don't even particularly think much of triple humbucker Les Pauls, but that one rocks!!!



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Yes it seems that 2014 is the year that a real guitar will cost you quite a bit or you had better be pretty handy with your tools.

Its certainly hard to argue with that..


But DAMN some of those guitars look amazing....

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