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I purchased a Les Paul about 10 years ago. What I can't find is what model it is and what would be reasonable to sell it for. I paid around $2100 for it, if I remember right. I had the nut changed to Buzz Feiten tuning, which was professionally installed by a local approved installer.


I've probably only had about 5 hours of play on it. Original set of replaced strings. Due to life, never got around to playing it after initially getting it.


The Serial is 01785303.


From what I read on other pages, it looks like the guitar was manufactured around May 2005 and was the 303rd made.


It's made in the USA and is a 50's style.


I've attached a couple pictures.


Any help or insight is welcome.


Thank you!


post-65227-069476600 1399486197_thumb.jpg

post-65227-090702600 1399486204_thumb.jpg

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


It looks like it might be a Les Paul Standard with the '50s profile neck. It looks like it might also have a 'Plus' (medium figure or 'Flame') top.

As you already know it's from 2005.


An e-mail to Gibson Customer Services will confirm what model it is. Here's the relevant link;




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Hi Lance


I guess the standard answer applies here.


for an idea on selling price,, the best bet is login to your EBAY account (you need one for this) and look for "completed auctions" for Les Paul Standards,

(if you can find some close to your make year, the better)


That's aside from the fact that you had the BFTS mod done to it I'm not saying for sure, but that could not go in your favor on a resale, regardless of how it was done or who did it. Those are non-reversible mods, potential buyers make back off from something like that, especially if the seller is looking for top dollar.


just my 2cents... YMMV...



Good luck..



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