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Sparkomatic Guitar?


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Dad was clearing out the music cabinet at his home and found some guitar methods. He handed them off to me. Four folders Lessons... about 48 - 99. "Home Study Course, Guitar, U.S. School of Music, Port Washington, NY. Copyrights from 1946 - 1947. At least I think that is what MCMXLVI and MCMXLVII translate to. Intersting stuff. The first folder / book is missing. These may have belonged to my dad's sister (my aunt) who had received a guitar for Christmas in her youth. Most likely procured from the local Montgomery-Wards catalogue store by grandpa in the late 40s or early 50s. Said guitar has long ago been lost or tossed.


These are representative of the photos used to show chords:




What does that say above the nut on the first and last pic? It's something-omatic. The middle pic shows "..LPE Special".


Most of the music in the course is written or arranged by Harry Volpe, so I can only assume the hands are his and the "LPE Special" is preceded by an "VO" Tunes range from Jazz to classical to 'Hillbilly'. The author even corrects himself when he refers to Jazz music by saying, "sorry, "Swing".


Anyone know anything about the 'Sparkomatic' or whatever it says?


What do you all know about Volpe? I've heard of him but not much

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Gretsch Synchromatic


Rather like this one:






Might be like one of these:




That's Volpe on our right. The guy on the left?? ?probably some student of his... Jingo... Dango.. something like that.


Volpe might have the "VOLPE Special" in this pic. Django's looks like the aforeposted Gretsch.


btw, I found the pic of this duo on the 'net. A copy of this is within the text of the US School of Music method.

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