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Finding out my SG's year

The Blue Goon

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Hi everyone.


I bought a SG standard in 2005 and was told it was from 1969. There looks to have been some headstock work on the guitar over time as there is no serial number on the reverse.


I've checked the pots. 3 of which are original and the other one has been replaced down the line. It also has the wiring still in place where someone added a 3rd pick-up but since been removed.


After reading about a similar problem with no serial numbers on the headstock, I've checked the 4th and 5th number on the pots which give me 68.


I'm after some advice really on why there would be no serial number and value.

post-19978-007538700 1399797089_thumb.jpg

post-19978-046757000 1399797106_thumb.jpg

post-19978-043586500 1399797116_thumb.jpg

post-19978-057840700 1399797131_thumb.jpg

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I've checked the 4th and 5th number on the pots which give me 68.


Well, you've got half the numbers you need. What are the last two digits of the pot code? This will tell you the week of the year the pots were made. A late in the year week number logically will bump the assembly date into the next year.


The batwing pickguad was first fitted to the SG around 1966, and continued until around '71.


Here's the process for dating 60's/70's six-digit (or missing SN) Gibsons:


1. Determine model and whether the guitar is an older piece or a reissue, relic'd, etc newer model.


2. Determine "era" the model and features were available.


3. Check serial number for date within this era.


4. Check pot codes, adjust date based on week of code.


5. Calculate lowest common denominator from the answers above.


This is all to say that the information you have already received is probably correct, 1969.

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The most common reason for a missing serial number is that the headstock was sanded down for a repair/refinish due to a headstock break.


Didn't you say in your original post there was evidence of "headstock work"?

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