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Slash... when I first saw the video for Sweet Child back in the day (when MTV played music videos), I was hooked on Les Pauls, although I didn't have one of my own for many, many years.

Same here...


I probably got my first Gibby about 6 years later... just a studio.. it wasn't till 2002 when I got my Classic and the reason I wanted that colour was cos of Slash...


Jimmy Page, Gary Moore and Les Paul are also up there for me.


and for anyone who hanst seen it before... just check out Les's solo on this tune... the first shredder ? :)

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SLASH? lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ](*,)

Love him or hate him, the dude's a riffmeister. He was on a short list of players on Michael Jackson's speed dial. Nothing wrong with that on a résumé. He's not a great improviser or soloist but he gets it done in the creative process.


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It's funny because when I 'Liked' Gibson on FB they asked who was your favorite 'SG' player. I said Santana. With the 'Les Paul' Id have to say Page but Page began playing on a 'Tele'. He recorded Led Zep 1 with a 'Fender Tele'. I'd say Lynyrd Skynyrd Band Steve Gaines. RIP Steve Gaines

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