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OK, I'm going to post a picture. Try (Marshall logos aside) to find a fault with anything in this snap.

3 x 100w Marshall full-stacks set to '11'; 1959 flame-top Les Paul; playing some of the best kick-*** Rock ever written.

If this isn't your (teenage years) idea of Heaven on Earth then one of us is in the wrong forum.







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favorite LP player.............TOUGH call.


I'm going to go with Mike Ness from Social Distortion. Gotta love those Gold Top/P90 beauties of his. The sound of them through the modded Bassman/4x12marshall set up he uses is amazing.


Big fan of his playing.



Of course even though we are only allowed to list one, I have to give honorable mention to Steve Clark, Randy Rhoades, Joe Perry, and many many many others........lol.




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So that is Paul Kossoff. I was going to look him up anyway since he made the list...

Give me a hint...IS there something not exactly right? [unsure]...

I hope you will like what you hear. There are a great many clips on youtube of Koss with the band 'Free'.

No; everything is just perfect.

A true pedant (such as myself) might bemoan the lack of a p'g but, hey, it's his 'burst and he could choose to play it naked (as it were) if he so wished.


He's playin that wrong...



...and all these years I thought it was me who was playing that wrong...



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