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As we seem to be straying off the beaten path I'm going to add a name not often heard hereabouts but still one heck of a player; Eric Stewart of 10 C.C.


Not the flashiest LP-slinger on the planet, perhaps, but this solo is (IMHO) beautifully constructed and played with fantastic touch. Somewhat Gilmouresque, in fact.

Skip to the 9:14 mark for the start. Oddly enough I still remember the 'hairs-on-the-back-of-my-neck' tingle the first time I heard the note played at 11:18...




As a point of trivia; the LP he used to record this was up for sale on ebay a couple of years ago. It was a very much modified '54 Custom.

Here's the original listing minus, unfortunately, the pictures. I don't know if it actually sold at this price.





I really enjoyed that Pippy. Thank you for sharing. 11:18 came from the SOUL.


Kindest Regards. MississippiBlue

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I was torn between choosing Paul Kossoff and Peter Green, but I think I'm going to have to say Koss. One the subject of Peter Green, here's a tribute to him from Gary Moore, and Gary playing Peter's I Loved Another Woman, it's magical:





PS If you haven't seen Koss play (he seems to be recognised by English guitarist's as a rule), check out my forum post here:



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Frampton comes alive is what got me into guitar when I was 14! I was like wow you can do that on a guitar?

Still he's not in my top three though. Good stuff on Humble Pie too. 30 days in the hole.....


Page is my #1






Les Paul

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That pic of Bonamassa cracks me up. Normally it'd be enough that you're wearing sunglasses indoors to give me a hint that you're a ******, but that photo proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Hack.

He speaks very highly of you, though.





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Jimmy Page

Duane Allman

Warren Haynes

My favorite era of The Who is when Pete was playing LPs, so I'd throw him in there.


Probably in that order. But if I had to pick just one, it would be hard to choose between Page and Allman.

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