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1953 J45 (does it look legit)


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Hi, I am not very familiar with vintage instruments and do not want to get scammed. Is there much any of you can tell from the pictures? I know the bridge has been replaced at one point. If I do go look I can have the person meet me a local Luthier's so he look it over. The asking price is $2600



post-51969-071268500 1400421961_thumb.jpg

post-51969-030021600 1400421974_thumb.jpg

post-51969-081854800 1400421983_thumb.jpg

post-51969-034245200 1400421998_thumb.jpg

post-51969-044996900 1400422007_thumb.jpg

post-51969-008497900 1400422021_thumb.jpg

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It is probably what it says it is, but it may have major issues. That bridge is oversized, and that can be a sound and value killer. When you see that kind of work on the outside, it is often an indication of something even worse on the inside -- you do need to have it inspected by a competent luthier.


Good luck,



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Agreed with Tom. He should know! To me, the replaced bridge is very detracting from the overall look of the guitar. That would have to go. As Tom says, get it checked out on the inside as well. No doubt , it could be a '53......but what has been done to it.... is of more concern in the "value dept.".






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