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Actually, the day was Thursday. Been trying to upload pix here. Apparently the file can't be bigger than 500k and my pix are all 4x that.

Anyway - she's a beauty. One of 50 issued to 5 Star Dealers, I got this from Rainbow Guitars in Tucson. It was built last year.

I wanted something to complement the two Gibsons I already had - a 2004 SJ200 and a 2010 H'bird TV, with the expectation that this third would be my last.

It has just the right amount of bling to compete with the other two. And, having a different body shape and b/s wood and slightly thinner neck profile were pluses as well.

Right now, with brand new strings installed (and a set-up) by Rainbow, the sound is not what I will be hearing a year or two from now. But - it is amazing. And I know it'll get better.

Equally impressive - the electronics. I had a Fishman passive Under Saddle put in my SJ200 and it was nothing to write home about.

With this one - it actually sounds like the actual guitar - amplified !

As I write this, I'm watching TV. 60 minutes is running a 15 minute essay on a village in South America that has a children's orchestra. The instruments are made from pieces of junk reclaimed from the regional garbage dump. They have guitars that are made from large tin cans welded together - one can for each bout.

And, of course - the kids play better than I could ever hope to. Of course, the junk yard guitars do not sound anywhere close to a Gibson!

So - I am thankful and humbled at the same time.

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Nice choice. Heard nothin' but good about those guitars. And you're right they've got bling to spare and will fit right in.


Congratulations! Glad your search is over (for this month...).


Looking forward to pix. (Big Kahune should pop in here shortly with the instructions on how to post them properly.)



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Hope this link works for you all. This is the actual guitar, pix, etc. as listed at Rainbow.Looks like they have another one, made the same day. I am still in awe over the wonderful tone.

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