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Mixer for a Bose L1 Model 2


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Get The ToneMatch-what's really cool about this is that you can actually dial in the guitar you use and the mics. I use an sj200 and the Gibson techs have put the EQ setting into the ToneMatch for Bose. Also, I use a Shure Beta 87 mic and it too has the optimum EQ dialed in. You can also upload effects that you like onto each channel. I use a little delay and reverb on my mic and it saves your settings and for my guitar I like a touch of chorus. It has 4 channels-great system-you may be able to use one more channel for a mic but with no FX on it otherwise get another Tonematch...they are $500 and worth every penny



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Yea, what they said.


That is exactly what my wife and I use when do our duo act -- two vocal mics; guitar and standup bass (also into mics usually); and sometimes one side man with one other instrument (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, or banjo). If we don't use a side man, I set the extra channel for harmonica -- if not I just use my vocal mic for that. (You can get the 5th channel by using the 2nd channel on the L1 directly and the mixer for the other 4).


We don't use it when we play with the 4 or 5 piece bluegrass band.


It sure makes the sound quick and easy for places that otherwise might be pretty problematic.





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