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ID this ebay guitar please


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i bought this and the only marking i can find is under the bridge there is this:



LD 001


also on the inside i can see some type of chinese or korean writing on a sticker, no serial number, back of the neck pickup has a large F on it....what is it even a copy of? es125 135??? i have no clue


doesnt play too bad, truss rod cover still had plastic on it


here is link to all my photos of it



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Try to take pics of and upload a picture of the sticker if you can. And also the back of the pickups, the large "F" and any other parts, like a picture of the numbers and letters on the plate you mentioned. I'm sure there will be more discussion.

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Thanks, any possibility of a "sticker" shot ?msp_smile.gif Again, looks good to me.msp_smile.gif


the sticker shot is here...its tough to see but try to blow it up some, lol,no really its not a joke i just read this


here is the entire folder of all my pics together...sorry it took me awhile to get the hang of this forum posting



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