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Is there something you've always wanted to do but never have?

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#2 I also want to go to a renfest in the UK and wear my full armour,pack and weapons and ride around trails of a forest on a horse and camp out for a few nights.I cant find any pictures of me in full armour just pieces.

just my curiass and paldrens and some arm pieces.sorry I cant find a picture of me in my whole suit with mail,cape, shield,helmet,axes,sword,great sword,basickly everything I need to be on a horse ready for battle and what I dont need in my ren tent.



maybe one more #3 when I was around 17 years old my best friend Peter got his pilot's licsence (he was 19 yrs old) and we used to rent a Piper Cherokee and fly somewhere for the weekend (sometimes with dates).He took the time and taught me the basicks of how to fly and I have wanted to get my pilots licsense since.However that was around 36 years ago.



You should check out the armory in Graz, Austria. Sometimes they go on the road. Largest, most complete middle ages armory in the world. All original weapons and suits of armor, including even for horses with some stuff dating back to the 1300's. Check it out online. Unbelievable.

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Thanks Tman i'll check out the website,I've been to the Higgins Armoury in Worchester Mass.If you look at my axe and helmet I'm going for a sort of a tribute of the deathdealer on the Molly Hatchet album cover.

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