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Here's a short trip in the WayBack Machine...


Winger, Slaughter, KI55, Hershey Arena in Hershey PA, I'm guessin...92? 91? I don't know. Winger was meh. Kip was tired and barely got through the set and the joint was empty. Slaughter was great, that's who we were really there to see. Slaughter gets done and the entire back wall comes down so they can get the two openers stuff straight out the massive rollup and get all the KI55 stuff in there. I saw Tim Kelly duck out the big doors with a smoke, Blas was right behind him but covered up. It didn't matter, the place was just starting to fill up, still halfway to go. Looked at the Mrs, pointed at the big doors to the back of the arena, and off we went.


Spent about an hour out there smokin and jokin with Tim and Blas Elias. Tim was from NJ and old enough to have played some of the same places Mrs and I had hung out as teens and young adults. Blas was a stupid nice guy and just dang nice to look at.


KI55 got started up in there and we went over behind a couple semis to get away from the racket, had a last beer and a smoke with them, Dana and Mark came over and rounded them up and they headed off somewhere.


We left. I assume KI55 finished the show safely.


Saw Tim just one more time, later 90's when they were up in Philly I think at the Tower but we couldn't make it. He was with Cinderella drummer at the studio they used to have here in NJ and it was nice to see him. A good guy, tragic loss to his family and friends and I think the other three took it pretty hard.



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