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Bridge Set Up?

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I am in the process of replacing the strings on my LP Custom.

I removed the strings but did not note the orientation of bridge. Yes my bad.

Does it matter which direction the bridge screws face?

I know I will find that out in the long run but after the strings are on does it matter if the bridge screws face

the tail or face the pickups?

Does Gibson provide this information? ie, tailpiece height, bridge height, bridge orientation, string height

at fret that meets body, string height at nut.....all these types of thing?

Thank you.

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I think the saddles in the bridge will have larger grooves for the larger strings.


This is the correct answer. The bridge saddles are slotted based on the string sizes. Check your saddles and orient your bridge for the best string fit. In theory, you can have the bridge facing either way, but you might have to remove and reinstall each of the saddles for the correct fit.

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