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Looks like a fun project!



1st thing I would do is oil that fret board. looks like the Gobi Desert. (Guitar Honey! [thumbup] )



tuners: kluson so the existing holes would work



1st option: Classic 57 / Classic 57+

2nd option: 490r / 498t

3rd option: burst buckers???


cts pots 500k (I'd even consider the ones with the variable treble bleed circuit for the volume controls) and toggle


speed knobs


Schaller Strap locks (don't be taking the chances!)


I think I'd stay with what I'd be used to for the bridge and stop bar (well maybe the TP6 with fine tuners since you're there anyway)

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Looks like you got it from Gibson Dependable. I bought one a while back and modded it. I put in first, a Tony Iommi and an Angus Young pup and had installed switched to split the coils. Then I took those out and put in Lindy Fralin Pure PAF's. Then when I sold it I installed some Dimarzio 36th Anniversay PAF's, cause I wanted to keep the Lindy's for an SG Std I bought. I may have even dropped in a pair of Rio Grandes (a Texas and a BBQ) to hear what it sounded like with them.


If you want stock I love 490's.


Aftermarket Lindy's or Rio's


How were the Iommi p'ups?

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but having to remove everything and take it out through the F-holes is the only thing holding me back.


Get to 'cracking' my brother!...he-hee....That procedure is a bit of a ***** [thumbup] It definitely takes 'forward-planning'....

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