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GLP Used value - a question....


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Hi All

I'm considering buying a used (barely) GLP Std Cherry burst. It's not my favourite finish but it plays well, has had little use, sounds great and has just come my way. It also comes with original case and contents - manual, strap, scrath plate etc. I have an 2008 Am Std Tele and a 1981 Ibanez Artist - the latter of these two is (honestly) my main guitar due to it's now melow big sound. However the LP is iconic and is different and so would compliment the small collection ! As an aside I do feel very different playing the LP.

I believe that (in the UK) they went for about £1350 new. In the current climate what should I expect to pay ?

Condition is as new complete with case, manual etc etc.

Many Tnx for any ideas.



btw it is exactly the same as dcooper830's but I can't create a link

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Before the world cash flow problem ebay was full of R8's R9's.... You could get a nice new R8 for around the £1500 price range which was awsome!.. Now you wont see one on ebay in the UK.... LP Standards have really crept up in price and quite frankly I think alot of people have got really greedy... Just remember your not getting any warranty with a used guitar. Its nice to have the added security buying from a shop but then you pay 100s on top of a private sale price....


A Nice LP Standard in A1 condition then I would pay no more than £1000....



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