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Appreciate SG Special ID Help

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I would really appreciate any help from you knowledgeable people regarding this SG.

The guitar doesn't belong to me. The owner of the guitar, who bought it new in The Netherlands, told me it's a Gibson SG Special and he's pretty sure he bought it in 1969. The neck joint was broken in 1971 and it hasn't been played since then which is a tragedy, an attempted repair at the time was not successful. I'm currently tasked with repairing it for him.

I've looked through various serial number resources online but this serial number (608818) doesn't appear to be listed in any of them that I've found, I don't have any of the books available.


The pots look original and marked "Chicago Telephone Supply" and the number "1376852" which I understand identifies the pots as manufactured in the 52nd week 1968. So a 1969 sounds feasable to me.

I'd be grateful and really appreciate any light you can shed on this guitar for me, as I say I have tried to research it myself online but am confused by the serial number.

If you would like any further pictures of the guitar then I have many available.


Many thanks in advance.



PS: EDIT - More pictures added as per the sticky guideline.









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So a 1969 sounds feasable to me.


Yes, that is very feasible, and almost bankable.


"Batwing" pickguard - '66-71

No headstock volute - pre-1970

Pot codes - 52nd week on '68

Serial number - Although not specifically listed for 1969, it IS in the proper 6XX,XXX "range"

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