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Would love some help with info on my acoustic guitar


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Thanks in advance for any info. I have searched and have not been able to find anything. What I have found says this brand was/is of Japanese manufacture and they were known for cheap copies of American guitars.



This is my main acoustic. I was visiting relatives in San Francisco in the early '90s and was jonesing badly, so I rented a guitar from a music store... this one. I fell in love. I couldn't give it back and ended up buying it. Don't remember how much, but it couldn't have been over a couple hundred dollars.


Its really a fantastic guitar. It has great sustain, plays really well even at the high frets, has a comfortable neck. In short it plays and sounds great. It does not in any way seem cheaply made really. I took it in to get it cleaned up and get a new bridge saddle on it a couple years ago, and it was like I came home with a new guitar.


Anyway, I'd love more info on the model or brand. Pics below. Thanks again.


Label says "Denver Guitar, The Asama, Model #W2000








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I found your word for word identical post on a different forum from 4 years ago. Past that, nothing that you probably haven't already seen.


Heh, changed a couple words but yeah, thought I'd try here since I didn't get much from the other forum.



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This, from Fjestad's Blue Book:

Asama. Instruments previously built in Japan during the early 1980s.
Guitars with this trademark are generally medium to good quality copies of American designs as well as some original designs.
Source: Tony Bacon and Paul Day, The Guru's Guitar Guide.

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