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Epiphone and Beatles Lovers! wich beatles album is your favorite?


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In order:

1) Abbey Road

2) Sergeant Pepper

3) Revolver

4) White Album

5) Magical Mystery Tour

6) Yellow Submarine

7) Rubber Soul

8) Help

9) Beatles For Sale

10) A Hard Day's Night

11) Please Please Me

12) With The Beatles

13) Let It Be (I prefer the "Naked" version a bit more than the Phil Spector original)

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I'd never be able to decide. Over the last few years I have found I like the early work the best. Before S. Pepper and even before Rubber Soul. Just happier music for me (pre-drug days for them I guess).


They all have many great songs on them however.



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There is no right answer. [confused] Depending on my mood, any one of their albums is a "fave". That said, Rubber Soul, Sgt Pepper and Revolver rank right up there. Wait, then there's Beatles '65 and...oh well [biggrin]


Looking forward to the Orange County Fair later this summer where Mrs. G and I will attend the Beatles Tribute band 50th Ann'y show. Probably all songs from the '60's, but that's okay with us. Should be fun.


Edit: Giving it a bit of further thought, I think part of my problem with picking a "favorite" album is that their music, as did the times, evolve. Tastes change, etc. That said, looking back all these years later, they all stand up to time, don't they?

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Hard Days Night for the writing and energy level not a bad song and Lennon dominates.


Revolver the last real group effort and creative use of the studio to enhance great songs instead of trying to hide not so great ones.


Abbey Road for the slickness of them playing at the creative peak of their abilities and for the last time, good songs, and production that enhances instead of over powering the songs.

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