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Traktor won't detect small platter adjustments

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I've got a brand new scs.1d, latest firmware, latest DaRouter.


I've connected to Traktor Scratch Duo, Traktor pro 2.0, 2.5, 2.6 successfully, and all functions work fine on all versions, except for this one thing.


I can't make small adjustments to the platter as a track is playing -- e.g. when i put a small amount of pressure on the record to slow it down a bit, or try to speed the record along a bit.


- When I slow the record down a larger amount (by around 20%), traktor detects i'm doing this and slows down the track appropriately.

- When I spin the record VERY fast for a few seconds, traktor detects this and speeds up the track by 10x or so.

- Otherwise, nothing.



Now I know that this is not a hardware problem, because when I perform the small adjustments, DaRouter indicates to me that it's detected input -- the arrow highlights blue at even the slightest adjustment to the record. Also, when I'm in seek mode, the response and resolution are great. I've set all the delay settings in DaRouter to have as little delay as possible.


Have any of you had this problem, or have any insight as to how I might go about fixing this?


thanks for reading.

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