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Eruption Lesson with Chelsea Constable

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Hello, my name is Chelsea Constable. I teach the Solo Lesson Series on one of Gibson's Social Networking Sites (Gibson Guitar's Washington, DC Showroom Facebook Page). My Solo Lesson Series consists of famous solo's of legendary guitarists. With the Solo Lesson Series, it is purely about learning the solo - there is no theory explained. First off, I play the Solo live with a backing track I created, then they are broken down into quick, easy, sections. I, myself, primarily learn by ear and that's what this series is based off of. Hopefully, one day, they will be added to Gibson's Skill House lesson series.


Also, if you like the tones I'm getting in each video, I have a detailed description of what gear was used while I played it live. Below is a link of "Eruption"- lesson #3.



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