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mystery eh150 amp

archtop tom

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Hey guys, After missing out twice I finally tracked down an EH-150 amp that's listed as 1941. Thing is it doesn't match any others shown anywhere on the web. They're always shown as having a saddle brown finish with dark brown a vertical center stripe motif with Gibson script bottom right / sometimes moved to top left. Also number of tubes evolved over the years but the jacks and Gibson script stamped plate on the back is always on the right side of the control panel. The one I found has a cream finish with medium brown vertical stripes on the outer edges of the speaker grill with Gibson script bottom center. Also, the Script stamped plate on the back control panel is on the far left side apart from the jacks, which are still on the right. Everything else looks legit and Can't imagine there's much copying of these going on, but I'm a novice to these. Was there that much variation from year to year or even within years? Any reassurance or warning greatly appreciated.

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