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Today I took both my new Signature T and Government Series II Explorer to Barry to get a full setup.

I spent a few hours there because the person in front of me went over an hour late. Then in between me some one came in with an acoustic that got a temporary bridge replacement.



Concerning the T, no truss rod adjustment needed.

But all nut slots had to be filed and brought down and he massaged all saddles. Especially low E and A string.

And adjusted action and intonation. And balanced string output level plus polish and cleaning.


On my Explorer it was basically the same thing except a little more saddle work.

The A string saddle groove was lower than than the the E and the D so he had to bring the others into spec.

Now both guitars play incredibly good.


Barry is a certified Martin repairman for 32 years,a certified Taylor repairmen and an certified Ibanez repairman (only one in Connecticut) He could be certified with other manufactures but I don't know.

It really doesn't matter. He is the best.


I am so fortunate that he lives less than 25 miles from me.

This gentlemen is a stringed instrument master builder and repairmen.

This is his link to his web site.




The only thing that is up todate though is his phone number.

He is not a website person.And all visits are by appointment only.

I say all this because if your in the vicinity of Danbury Connecticut and need any help this is the man to call.

I can talk about Barry a lot.

I know he has built cello's that have played Carnegie hall and I've seen Jose Feliciano guitars in his shop.

He is a gentleman and very skilled.

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