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epiphone FT 145


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I have had this guitar for 33 years and was wondering when it was made and what it would be worth it has a sticker inside with FT145 on it the name ect is in mother of pearl


Epiphone FT-145 were called Texans

The originals made in Kalamazoo in the 1960s have a blue sticker inside with a 6-digit Serial Number, also stamped on the back on the headstock.

You can use the number to find the manufacturing date and location through the Guitar Dater Project:

Guitar Dater


Prices range widely; a Kalamazoo model in excellent condition could run over $2000. Japanese models sell for maybe $500.


Check e-bay, Elderly Music, etc.


Others here might have more info.

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This looks like a Norlin era FT145. Made early 70's in Japan... only Japan.


The label may say "Kalamazoo.." but it's only a name in Michigan where Epiphones once were made.


If it has a blue label, it's the early run, with a potential for a loose neck block. This can be fixed.


Due to the epsilon on the truss rod cover it would be a late blue label with, maybe, a better neck block.


Value? Take a zero off. $200 would be a more than fair price for the guitar alone. More if it has a decent case.


Serial numbers in this era were anything but serial. Physical description will get you to within a year or three of actual production.

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