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Dallan Powerage T-Top replica on the way for my Angus custom shop Sg Signature

I really wanted to keep it original, but when i came over this story on the net i had to do it.


This is what i found, This amazing player recently met both Angus Young And his guitar tech


The “funny” thing is that Angus has never used the Seymour Dancans pickups. And certainly not the Pearly Gates we were given inside the AYs. Rick St. Pierre told me that anyway, Angus didn’t use neither the one Seymour had replicated (theoretically) for him after one of his originals. He swapped it for some stock Gibson pickup. So much for that marketed stuff… I used to think that Angus would have never allowed for something like this to happen – i.e., let a company take advantage of his name for something he never used, but I realised now that he is not even aware. He was never made too aware of certain things, and he didn’t care either (laughs). One thing I must instead underline strongly: the Angus Young signature (at least the signed one) is simply identical to his original. I mean, identical. I knew they had copied it with scanners and such, but still. When I tried his original – after which ours were copied – it was just like playing a signature. It’s precisely identical. It even feels the same. Amazing job, something I had hoped for but didn’t believe too much. Instead… there we go. Same exact dimensions and comparable finish and feel. But forget about those damn Seymour Dancans though! Swap those pickups for something else.


A link where he writes about meeting Angus Young

My link



Here's a vid with the Powergage Pickup


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