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Free..once again but in their prime


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I know we've had much discussion etc of this band before but they were amazing live....I can tell you.


Rabs may have posted this already but here is Kossoff and he's 'on' too - Rodgers was becoming on of the top 3 English rock singers, and the Fraser/Kirke rhythm section had a specific slow/mid-tempo groove which they owned and has never been successfully copied (copped?) even to this day. Here it is: Dig it.



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To be honest I liked him even better with Black Cat Bones pre-Free!


I'm a Blues-Hound so my own discriminating taste differs from most, but I thought he was the standard bearer of the classic Blues Breaker tone in his days with Black Cat Bones; circa 1967 and felt he should have from then been included in conversations about the Yardbird boys and the Blues Breaker boys and he should have held a place with them all...


He would have been my choice to replace Greeny in The Blues Breakers over anyone that came thereafter...


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAcx38AfKdI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWPwkH_o1FY



Their 1970 Album; "

" is a classic! He's showing clearly his ingesting of the Blues Breakers influence of Clapton & Green before and kept the ball rolling in perfect fashion!


The first track off that album; "Chauffeur" sounds like a perfectly similar tribute-to Peter Green's "

" tone/arrangement!


But it was while with Free that his drug use/abuse/addiction went off the reservation and began the gradual spiral down that eventually led to his death of a heart attack at a particularly tragic youthful age...


I think we still saw glimpses of his genius during Free, and he had some of the most memorable Rock and Roll riffs and fills during that era! I also think he honed & polished his unique and superior vibrato style during the Free era which is among the top few such techniques ever! I put him right up there with Danny Kirwan and BB King in that regard...


He should have gotten more recognition in that era and even now for that period!


He was one of the best!

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