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any way to retro fit a TOP MOUNTED volume control on acoustics

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I have a reissue CF-100E, (had an old one also) and have my K&K bridge plate active pickup, routed thru a 10K pot in the upper position. Then the magnetic P-90-ish pickup is wired thru the lower position. Cool setup cause you can blend the sounds.


But for this great B-25-12 I just got, that I posted about elsewhere, the the little thumbwheel K&K volume control just doesn't cut it. I am a nearly constant volume tweaker. Best I can tell no one makes a conventional volume control (pot) in some kind of housing that might clip on the sound hole. Of course I am not going to drill the top of this beauty. I had been looking for a B 25 12 w/ refin top (altho acoustics and hollow electrics don't get the refin treatment nearly as much as solidbodies. ... then I could drill if original finish gone. But I am at a loss to figure out how to rig something like this. Some old DeARmonds had a v olume control that was kind of a a surface mount thing.


Anyone got any ideas here?

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