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Need strings advice, please


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Hello to you all,


I would like to replace the strings on both my Epiphone basses (Toby Deluxe IV and EB-03); i state that i like very much the original strings, they are rough and dark, the kind of sound i'm looking for 60's blues and soul, the genres i play with my band.


I tried the D'Addario EXL 165 on the Toby but i do not like it at all, they sounds too metallic and too bright, i removed it and put back his original strings but they are a bit old ...


What brand of strings would you recommend? Should i buy the original Epiphone strings? An online store here in Italy sells a gauge at a very low price (9.50 €),i wonder, however, if there is any brand of strings that may have the features I'm looking for ...


Again, thanks in advance if anyone wants to help me;-)

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Hello Andy,


this is interesting and shows how different strings may sound on instruments of different make. The bass player of the band I play guitar with uses exactly same brand, make and gauge, and they are far from being bright although the package says so.


Nickel wound strings should not be that bright but obviously are on your Toby. Unfortunately I couldn't find out what strings they put on stock at the Epiphone factories. Those on Epiphone electric guitars are very bright, by the way... In case you want a mellower tone and stay with roundwounds, perhaps pure nickel wound strings would work for you. They usually provide a less trebly tone. My taste is a bit different, and it's just a guess since I don't know the Toby Deluxe IV Bass in person.


My recommendations at reasonable prices would be the following:





Finally, I diversified into both tonal directions. I use on pairs of basses of same build nickel-plated chrome steel roundwounds for bright tones, and pure nickel flatwounds for mellow sounds. Works perfectly for me. And when about Andy Fraser, I play a pair of SG Basses strung differently, too. I experienced that I match Andy Fraser and Jack Bruce tones best with flatwounds.

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