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Casino fret wear?


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So, I bought a brand new inspired by John Lennon Casino six months ago. It's a great guitar, I love it! Great tone and feel, and beautiful!

I put d'addario chrome flat wound 11s on. I generally like them but a bit hard to bend.


About a month ago I noticed some buzzing on the g string that wasn't there before, around the 7th to 12th fret. I thought the strings were just worn out because I hadn't changed them yet so I put a new set on and the buzz is still there. Looking close at the frets it seems there is some flattening of the frets, especially on the 7th fret of the G, and some nicks etc. is this normal for such a new guitar?


I play prob 1 hour a day on average, only 4 gigs with it so far. However, I am primarily a professional upright bass player. Is it possible I'm fretting way too hard? I've also started favouring heavy picks and digging in. Could this be the cause? I've also read steel strings are harder on frets? I thought the chromes would ok cause they're flats but they do feel kinda sticky on the frets when bending. Would switching to pure nickel strings and lighter picks and strings help? Unfortunately I live in a smaller city where good luthiers/repair guys are hard to find.


I'm kinda bummed because I was having so much fun with this guitar but now I'm scared to practice, especially bends cause I don't want to wreck it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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