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hi is there much of a difference ej160e korean and indonesia ?? is there any difference in the wood id be really interested in seeing back to back pictures between the 2 ive never tried the korean modal mine is the indonesia version and its a great guitar. but id like to try a korean version to see how better it is if it is. just out of curiosity .

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I think the original 160 e was Korean - I seem to remember the quality was very good,but they were overpriced.

I bought a refurb Chinese on eBay -the guitar was OK,but the electrics were duff & I re-sold it on eBay.There are lots of refurbs

around.If you're happy with yours you're lucky.

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The korean model was out in the late 90's I think and sold for about £850 with the hardshell case. One of our local music stores still had this for sale a few years back for £850 because he bought the stock before the price plumetted and couldn't afford to sell it for any less.


These originals are still the most desired versions.

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