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Hi Fellow Gibsonians

I went to the ohio guitar show yesterday. I saw a gibson SG with P90's on it. Its more like a brownish red? I've went researching this guitar last night and found out its a 2008 #37 guitar of the month sg? Salesman said it was rare, possibly custom shop with about 400 built?

Does any body know what the list price on one of these was? What they sold for? It came in a nice white lined case. I figured at least its not in a gig bag.

With so many variances with GIbsons especially SG's

Hope I didn't get too ripped?

This is my 1st SG.

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Use a site like photobucket or imageshack for an easy way to do it. Guitar of the Week axes weren't custom shop afaik but there were definitely some cool ones that came out of that series. I wish they would do it again.

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