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Happy Birthday Les!

Dennis G

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Happy birthday!


It's a shame, - I know - that only after two decades of playing His signature guitar, I started to listen to His records for the first time...


Besides, that He was one of the most important figures in evolution of music production, - I wonder - how many of today's players are aware of skills as a guitar player? He was shredding! In the 50s!!! He could easily put most of the younger guitar gods on the edge of the carpet.


Last, but not least: I also respect Him for His will to live. Unlike many with high age, He was a very active man until His final days. I wish, I had half of that energy!



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I do doubt that Les would suggest he'd led a perfect life. There are pitfalls, challenges, personal things that should best perhaps be left personal, in anyone's life; the longer, the more one recognizes paths not taken and wonders...


OTOH, and I'm sure Les would likely agree, it's as the old cowboy who could smile watching the blue skies in his last moments, and whisper, "It's been a good ride."



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