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Barking mad


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Yes, I followed that a bit earlier.


My hound would look at some of those foolish creatures with utter contempt.


He knows the name of all my guitars, and of course the smell of guitar and matching case! He likes to know things... A gadget called a Bustercube was responsible for turning his mental lights on - you put little treats in the cube and the dog had to work out how to get them out. Soon enough, no challenge.


Though guitar playing is regarded by him as a bit tiresome, he would never knock a guitar off it's stand or anything like that - he has really developed respect for them and can be trusted to be around them. Nothing better than a good sniff of the case!





But nothing, nothing, nothing can keep him away when the Nikon comes out to photograph some guitar.....




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I have two dogs (black lab and border collie) that don't give a rip what I'm playing.


I have a yellow lab that goes ABSOLUTELY nuts when I start singing. 'Absolutely nuts' here is defined as singing along with me, licking my legs and ankles, and, if I'm not careful, licking the guitar.


Strumming and picking? No problem. He can be sleeping after playing outside. As soon as I start singing though, he's up and involved.


I'm not sure what that says about my singing.

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