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All you die-hard Hendrix fans..you need to hear this

Ryan H

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While listening to Hendrix's "3rd Stone From The Sun", you may have noticed some strange, funky slowed vocals popping in and out. Some people might just shrug them off and assume they're just nonsense.


My friend Wolfe Macleod (of Wolfetone Pickups) and Randy Hansen (look him up) went deeper. They isolated the vocal from a multitrack, then pitch and time corrected it. The results can be heard below.



I could hardly believe it when I heard it.



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Back in the pre-historic days of vinyl we replayed the 33 1/3 album at 45 rpm and got the conversation straight way back then,the other voice is most likely Chas although I had originally thought it was Noel back in the day but Chas had an accent that was different from Noel's and Mitch's as he came from a different part of England and actually had what sounded almost like a bit of a Scottish influence in his accent.It's hard to believe that all 3 of them and Jimi went long before their time should've been up.


BTW: I'm a long time fan of Randy Hansen,he's the only Hendrix ttibute artist who can actually capture the passion that Jimi put into his performance,plus he actually is the only guitarist who can capture just about every nuance of Jimi's playing and consequently sounds more like Jimi than any other guitarist and that includes SRV and Frank Marino.


When Jimi's father met Randy at a post concert party celebrating what would've been Jimi's 50th birthday,They had been walking along a corridor together and when they came to a door Randy motioned for Al to go first to which Al answered "After you Jimi."considering who they came from,those words are a glowing endorsement of just how much Randy captures the spirit of Jimi's playing.

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