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'62 Reissue Sheraton resto-mod


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So, as some of you may remember, I picked up a "used" stamped RI Sheraton, 4 or 5 months ago, while I was in the middle of a telecaster-with-firebird-pickups project. I'd been looking for a natural RI Sheri for a while and the price was just too good to pass up. Two things stood out as different, with this guitar. First all the hardware was chrome. It was all correct, just not gold like all the others I've seen. And, the seller (or someone) had pulled the Gibson mini-humbuckers and replaced them with Seymour Duncan SM's. Since this thing would never be "stock" again, I decided to do some upgrades to it that would bring it more in line with my other guitars.


First, the stock pickguard was changed to black. Then I did my usual McCartney strap pin mod (Schallers, of course) that I do to all of my hollow and semi-hollow guitars. The knobs and switch tip were changed to black. Then I made a longer bass bale for the frequensator, to eliminate there ever being a string length issue. Finally the SD pickups were replaced with a custom wound set of Zhangbucker Firebird pickups. While in there, I changed the jack out, to US. My first inclination was to go to Lollars, when looking at Firebirds, but I'd read such good things about David's Firebirds, I decided to give them a try, when I started my tele build. When I swapped projects, the Zhangs were slated for the Sheri instead. These were ordered in November, but because of his lead time and my lack of hobby time, due to a long project at work, they just went in this week.


First, let me say, I have not played a '62 RI, with the Gibson mini's. I will say, I did like the SD mini's, but I wanted to see this through. David and I talked about magnet types and windings, to tune the PUs to a semi-hollow, and his suggestion nailed what I was looking for. Nice, clear, articulate cleans, almost single coil, but a little thicker. Roll off the tone a little and they get nice and mellow, without being muddy. Push 'em, and they get aggressive. Think angry Tele. Not overly bright. And they take a gain pedal very well. I am very happy with my choice to go this way. Just so happens, while perusing eBay last weekend, I found a brand new, unused set of these in his Waylon wind (7.1k and 6.1k), for $99. That's almost half of what I paid for mine and I only have to wait a week for them. Not sure what I'll do with them, but it was too good of a deal to turn down. Anyone see a pattern here?


Anyway, another satisfying project out of the way. I love how it sounds, plays and looks.



Next, The ZBD gets a Vintage Vibe P-90 upgrade.

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