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Flamekat differences


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Here's a little puzzle I'm currently trying to work out.


I own 2 Flamekats..but they are different.


1 has a serial number on the headstock and one doesn't. The one that doesn't has the serial number on a sticker visible through the F hole.


I'll upload some pics.


Any help in identifying them etc is appreciated

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You know...some days I really am stupid..I've had a Photobucket account for 12 years, lol



guitar two







spoke to Gibson today who say guitar 1 is probably made 2000 and 2 in 2003...but the guy was really vague and kept confusing it with a Wildkat.


I'd say machineheads on guit one definitely replaced with Gibson ones, just as it's Bigsby has been replaced with a Deusenberg bigsby...


So, any help in proper dating? Country of Make etc?


thanks in advance

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Here you go for guitar 2


Your guitar was made at the

Unsung Plant, Korea

July 2003

Production Number: 2225


Thanks for that...I'd hazard a guess that the other is a 2000 then based on the serial. I have also noted that the tuners on the "2000" are stock and not replaced. So, we also now know that in later models they used Grover tuners as well as replacing the Bigsby.

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