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I don't know if you ever had a chance to watch Alien Trespass (2009), staring Eric McCormack and Robert Patrick.

It's a take on 1950s Sci-fi, B movies. It's listed as a comedy. Check it out on netflix if you get a chance.


Or watch it on YouTube.

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Hey Caliman!


It's been a long time and I hope all is well. I have been lurking for a long time with no posts, but I had to come out of the shadows and comment on your Alien Trespass post.


My 12 yr old son and I have a little weekly tradition whereas Friday nights are pizza and B movie nights. We seek out B movies that totally embrace the genre and are fun to watch (or at times so bad it requires us make loads of fun of!).


Most of the B movies we attempt to watch are just awful, however, every once in awhile we come across one that understands that B movies are cheesy and they actually "embrace the cheese" (as we like to say) and we end up with a movie that is actually great, for what it is.


We will use Alien Trespass to christen our new man cave tomorrow night!


Thanks for the suggestion.



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Good to see you in the lounge again James.

I have to say, I thought you were all caught up in your last novel or band project and were just too busy to check in.

You know how it is with people coming and going.


Alien Tresspass certainly embraces the cheese. You're going to dig it for what it is. Pure, 1950s B-movie genre.

There were two things I liked most about it—the cars and the women. Both decked out in all their finest retro regalia.


Hope you enjoy it.

Let me know what you think.


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