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Truly A Candidate For The Darwin Award


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It makes me sad when people post things like this online and then comment on how stupid the decedent is


My bandmate just died in an accident that was his fault at the age of 21. I've read people posting online how my friend is a "moron" and how "he deserved to die". I don't think people really understand that this is a young kid who tragically died. The friends and family are mourning their loss and don't need all of the insulting commentary


Not to be a prude but please have some respect. If this was your child or your friend I'm sure you wouldn't feel that they deserved to die. Sure it was a major lapse of judgement but that doesn't mean they deserve to die.

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Sorry if possibly my OP was mistakable, but I didn't intend to express something like he deserved to die, and I think nobody here would.


Being father of two teenage kids, bad news like this one hit me rather hard, and I can confirm about the question posted by Vangoghshear. This makes me wonder whyever people, in particular males like me, may ever take the bait that the only sensible answer could ever change. As a consequence, I talk to my children about bad accidents gaining public interest.


There are too many of these where a basically reasonable person would have had more than just a moment for considering what to do, and the proper choice is manifest. No matter if it may be the incident I linked to this topic, or e. g. the AF 447 air desaster where a single person's misjudgement also killed many other people, these are acts of gross negligence by omitting concerns of common sense, basic knowledge or basic skills.


Even in cases where the repsonsible person in case of survival would have been severely punished like with the air desaster mentioned before, I agree there has to be a certain degree of deference if a person has passed away due to lack of reason. On the other hand, I also believe that it is important to take the opportunity for learning from bad accidents as long as we are alive and care for other living persons. We will not be able to prevent all the people on earth from drowning or all the pilots from causing planes to stall beyond recovery, but I think it is worth trying at least.

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