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Grover locking tuners are pretty cool... my 2008 Standard came with them..


It makes changing strings just that much easier... Before I owned them I always thought they locked the tuning down, that's not the case.. What they do is clamp the string into position... So you put the string through, clamp it in and within one turn of the tuner your in tune... Its pretty cool [thumbup]



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B4L --


Do you mean something like these? G 97-18


Thank you. Do you know if these require any peghole or other mod?


not necessarily the old "open back" style......perhaps Grover/Wilkinson etc. sell an 18/1 ratio tuner with the origional mounting screw layout..........


although, I DO have a set of open-back Grovers on a Guild Jazzbox and they ARE exellent tuners.

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