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Gibson Invader (1984)

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Hi guys,

I recently bought a '84 Gibson Invader (silverburst). I was hoping for yall's input since Gibson was rather useless on the phone.


1. I would like to install locking tuners (grovers, schallers, doesn’t matter)….are any of you aware of a drop in part/model number? I don't want to drill into the headstock....Or does Gibson make any that I can purchase?


2. I like the sound of the Sonex 180 pickups (I'm pretty sure that's what they are), but since I can't help myself I bought some Gibson '57 classics....would anyone care to give me their opinion on this?


Thanks a lot and hopefully someone can help me out.

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always loved my tuners so i never got familiar with that part of the market, sorry,.


as for 2) if you dig enough into the internet, youll find the only true answer: only you can pick up your pickups (see what i did there? :D/ ) you should pick the ones that you truly believe sound better. '57s are popular clearly when they are heard. if you put them both together, play the two tests together through the same conditions, youll know exaclty what youll want. (i personally dislike '57s, dont kill me guys!)

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