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Gibson Invader (1984)

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Hi guys,

I recently bought a '84 Gibson Invader (silverburst). I was hoping for yall's input since Gibson was rather useless on the phone.


1. I would like to install locking tuners (grovers, schallers, doesn’t matter)….are any of you aware of a drop in part/model number? I don't want to drill into the headstock....Or does Gibson make any that I can purchase?


2. I like the sound of the Sonex 180 pickups (I'm pretty sure that's what they are), but since I can't help myself I bought some Gibson '57 classics....would anyone care to give me their opinion on this?


Thanks a lot and hopefully someone can help me out.

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I own an '84 Invader & the only things I've done are setup, fret dressing & I recently potted the Sonex 180s & re-installed them. It is my primary gig axe & I have a Les Paul & have played quite a few others. The pickups are freakish; hotter than any of the Les Pauls I've played. I had to pot them because of microphonics, but the only difference is, they don't squeal & there's a lot less feedback @ lower amp volume. As to the machines, all I did was clean & tighten them.

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