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Where is my "MADE IN USA" stamping?

Mr. C.O. Jones

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Hey there. I have a LPJ 2013, and well the "MADE IN USA" stamping its a little "funny". Well depending on how the light falls on the back of the headstock i can read something. At first i thought what the heck, why is there nowstamping on my guitar? But when i took a closer look, i saw a light MAD. IN U.., and under it i could almost read ..13 MO...! It is no big issue for me because i love this guitar and everything else is top quality. But i am curious, has some one a guitar with similar issues? Almost forgot, serial number is perfectly stamped in. And would this affect the resale value?

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Noticed the same in a friend's V. MADE IN USA 2011 is barely visible. SN is OK.


I've seen (or haven't) this issue before but, only in black painted guitars. (LPJ's, V's and explorers)


Never knew of Standards, Trads or Customs for example.



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"Don't worry, Be happy"


I have a BluesHawk from '06 that it's very hard to read the serial#. When I said something about it to the dealer he said.

"Don't worry about it. You've probably got a very hard piece of wood in that neck and the stamp didn't take very well"


Not real sure I believe that anymore,but it got me out the door.


My current best advise would be to Rawk That Thing!!

And don't look at the back of the headstock.

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