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Hello to everyone!

I´m a proud owner of an LPJ 2013, and i have to say that i love it. Sounds and feels just perfect for me. And with this guitar Gibson has made out of me a Les Paul addict. I am already saving money to buy me some day a glossy one with bindings and all that beautyfull stuff. But for now my cherry satin does it very very well.

I already modded it a little bit (knobs/truss rod cover), and it looks very nice now. Next step will be to put some new pickups in it.

The ones it has are ok, but i´d like to see how it sounds with other ones. And i have to say i am not a big fan of the EMG looks on a Les Paul. The wood of my maple top its just beautyfull, it is perfect with the cherry finish. The neck and the spot where my arm rests while i´m playing its getting sort of shiny, and i am thinking about maybe to polish the top a little. And maybe it helps to cover some light marks i did with my pic and fingernails. You have to be pretty smoth on that finish its very thin.

The only thing giving me issues is the PCB board thats inside. For those who wan´t to know more about it, got a topic in Gibson Gear that is called "Quick Connect= Can´t Connect". But thats not why i started this topic.

I wanted to know from people what your thoghts about this LPJ Models are. What do you like and what not, would you change anything, or maybe do a little modding.

And don´t be shy pics are always wanted. I will post some pics when i finished upgrading it. Ok folks thats all greetings from spain and hope you enjoy it.

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I am happy to hear You are satisfied with the instrument. It is indeed, a great guitar from Gibson. A very clever move to attract younger players into Gibson Realm.


Unfortunately, I have no experience with them. But, if You don`t like the PCB setup, consult with our great friend Donny (Uncle Fred), he has done all the wiring and pickups mods You can imagine of. He will give You professional guidance to achieve what You are after.


As for the finish, I can highly recommend the Virtuoso polish. It did shine up my Studio 50s Tribute's "worn" finish.


Enjoy Your guitar with good health!


Best wishes... Bence

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I have one of the 2014 SGJ's. Cherry, like your LPJ. Like you, I've found it to be a fantastic guitar, though I do like the pickups in mine (the 61s). Did a little cosmetic modding myself.


My oldest daughter passed away in February. She had a cherry SG, and that was the main reason I chose the SGJ in the first place. Put a white rose inlay decal on the fingerboard & had a TRC engraved with her name on it. Looks really nice against the rosewood and the cherry, and unique overall. Get lots of comments on it...then they hear it & they're really blown away.


Yeah, Gibson got the SGJ & LPJ series right. Too bad the prices are already climbing...


Enjoy it!

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Hello thanks for your replies. Now that i have finished my little upgrade i am realy happy. The 57 Classic Angus Young combination sounds great in this guitar. And yeah Donny already helped me out with some wiring sugestions. But my first 50's style wiring has to wait a little. Gibson customer care solved my problem. They sent me a complete new PBC board. Now my cherry looks and sounds like a million bucks. 490/498 sounded not bad for metal stuff, but the new ones sound better to my ears when i play clean. And when i wanna go evil i plug my Boss MT-2 in and done, i can raise hell. I was realy surprised how different my guitar sounds now that i changed the pickups.

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And i am sorry for your loss, it has to be realy hard. But the things you are doing, i find it inspiring and want to say to you that you have all my respect. I think it is the hardest thing that can happen to a parent to loose their child. But to go on with your live and instead of throwing the towel doing stuff like what you done with the SGJ is imo realy great. I admire that. And can you please post a link i would love to see your guitar. Sorry for my english. Hope i got it not to wrong.

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I think that both the LPJ and SGJ idea was a great move. I haven't seen either in person but the high definition photos at Sweetwater look fantastic. It looks like one can get a real Gibson that looks and sounds fantastic with an Epiphone price tag. Personally, I plan to look more into the SGJ and hope to get one.

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Flyingfrets, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter.


The LPJ is an excellent guitar - I'd never owned a Gibson before four weeks ago and had always played Strats. This guitar has completely changed the way I play, and has re-invigorated me. It's like being a kid again playing this thing. I'd recommend them to anyone.

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Do you have any other guitars to compare?

Does this only happen with the LPJ?

Does it happen with both pickups?

Is it the cable?

What amp are you using?

How high is the gain?

I have a little half size single pickup

Guitar to compare it to. It's a single

coil, so it's noisy anyway. The cable is new and of high quality. The pickups are 490r and 498t. My amp is a Marshall mg 15cfx. It's with the ggain dimed.

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I own an LPJ 2013 model and it's a very controversial guitar. The looks are great, it feels and sounds great but there's another side of that same coin.


The neck is like a baseball bat which could make playing tough for the beginners and the experienced players who are looking for slim profile necks for speed and easy playing. The guitar also has a two piece laminated fretboard which many players will dismiss the guitar right away just because of that. It is questionable how easy it is to repair or change the fret wiring on a two piece fretboard. Personaly I wouldn't want to buy a guitar which I can't replace the fret wire.


I have also noticed after 1 year of playing that the top piece of the fretboard has started to chip away, also the inlays are starting to turn brown. Some players like that, I do not. I think this guitar is aging 10 times faster than all other LP models and that's not really good at all.


The strap pins on the 2013 model must be replaced because they are way to small.


The LPJ is fitted with 10's strings right off the factory (which factory I'm not really sure), if you put on 9's on the guitar it sounds like crap, so stick with the 10's.


If you dont mind drilling holes on your guitar I would also suggest a pickguard because the matte body finish turns glossy from your fingers touching the body.


I'm not a big fan of keeping my guitar like brand new for 30 years but you have to take extra care with the LPJ, especially the chocolate and vintage satin models.


I would buy a really nice case and store it for 20 years and play with another guitar. Just take care of where you store the case because it could destroy your guitar if you store it in a high humidity spot, like a closet or a basement for example.


I reckon the 2013 model is much better than the 2014 model, because the 2014 zebra humbuckers and the 120th anniversary logo on the 12th fret are horrible and completely destroy the image of a vintage guitar.


That's all hope you enjoy your guitar m8, have a good one.

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Agreed, CJ. I'm glad you like your LPJ - I like mine too...all I need now is some Virtuoso Polish to shine it up a bit. [biggrin]

That's a good idea, Hap. I've been contemplating doing the same. I'm glad you like your LPJ, too. It's an excellent guitar. Great idea from Gibson.

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i came very close to buying an lpjm, a cherry one. i bought a studio pro instead, but the lpj was a fine guitar i thought


I followed a similar move; preferred the 60's slimtaper of my new 2014 LP Studio, over the 50's fatneck of the 2014 LPJ. Great guitars, both, though! I would have preferred the pickups of the LPJ - the 61 Tribute or 59 Tribute would have been perfect. I'll be ripping out the 490's at some point for some PAF-style DiMarzio's or similar...

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